Owens Concrete Staining is Oklahoma City's Best Concrete Staining Contractor. Since 2005 we've been putting the Owen's Stamp on concrete staining projects inside and outside of Oklahoma's City's best residential and commercial properties.

Property owners, designers and builders are turning to concrete staining because of the unique custom outcomes that can be achieved by combining color and decorative techniques.

Inside and outside concrete staining is extremely versatile, durable and easy to maintain. Concrete staining is a great alternative to traditional flooring for new and existing residential and commercial flooring needs.

Let your imagination run wild, you will be amazed at what we can design and achieve. It'll be an honor and a privilege to put the Owens Stamp on your next concrete staining project.

"Our goal is to, educate you on all your options and execute your design until it shines. We will honor that commitment along with the price agreed.​"

-Owens Concrete Staining-

So what are you waiting for, let's meet and talk concrete!




Concrete staining is a great alternative to traditional flooring, it's extremely versatile, durable and easy to maintain.

As you can see you can let your imagination run wild. You'll be amazed at what we can achieve. 

Concrete Staining Flooring Options:

  • Concrete Staining & Design

  • Polished Concrete & Staining

  • Metallic Epoxy

  • Resurface & Design

  • Grind & Stain


"I trusted them and I think that is really what would make me refer..PLUS my floor is AMAZING!!!!"        Amanda - Blanchard, OK





Exterior Residential

Concrete staining is best applied within two years of the installation of new concrete, it's extremely versatile, durable and easy to maintain.

let your imagination run wild. You'll be amazed at what we can achieve.

Exterior Concrete Staining Options:

  • Staining & Scoring - 2-3 years 

  • Resurfacing and design - Older than 3 years

  • Grind & Stain - Any age


"They didn't raise the price once the job was started, they finished on the date promised, and the results were exactly what I wanted."  Deeana - NOKC, OK


Using your existing concrete substrate is a very economic and green option in commercial locations we also have many heavy duty coatings options available.

Forklift traffic, heavy truck traffic, dusting concrete, eroding or wear on concrete we have a solution for every problem.

Commercial and Industrial flooring options:

  • Polished Concrete

  • Commercial Coatings - Lighter Thin Builds

  • Industrial Coatings - Thick mil builds


"His crew was very respectful of my property and the areas were cleaned up before leaving each night!"        Carissa - Moore, OK


Garage Floors

We have lots of options for garage floor coatings. Adding beauty to your garage floor is just one of the benefits of choosing Owens Concrete Staining to complete your garage floor project.

  1. Prevents Corrosion

  2. Eliminates Dusting

  3. Prevents Staining

  4. Easy to clean 

  5. Very Low Maintenance

 Garage Floor Options:

  • Polyaspartic/epoxy Flake Floor

  • Polished Concrete

  • Metallic Epoxy Coating



"Our buyers said the kitchen and den was their favorite part of the home because of the stained concrete!"        Nikole - Okarche, OK


Concrete countertops can be a unique way to set your house, office, or restaurant apart. These concrete works of art are custom made and usually built off site using raw materials combined to create a truly one-of-a-kind surface. 

They are completely customizable and we are able to personalize them with inlay's textures and colors.

This requires an in person consultation to get an accurate price. 

Concrete Countertop Options:

Prices start a $85 per square foot


"Very impressed with the professionalism of his employees. Straight forward, down to earth, trusting. Overall pleased with the results." Ken NOKC, OK




Josh's Promise

"I promise to listen to your wants, educate you on all your options and execute your design until it shines. I'll honor that commitment along with the price we agreed."                    Josh Owens, Founder of Owens Concrete Staining